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Eye Let - Rs. 65

Eye Let - It is an effective homeopathic remedy for Irritation, soreness, redness & discharge from eyes.

General Details: 

Packaging Name Eye Let
Composition Each 8 ml. Contains:Euphrasiaofficinalis Q. 10.0% v/vPhenyl mercuric nitrate 0.001%Aqua distilled to make 8ml.
Ideal For Eye Care
Package Size  
List Price Rs. 65
Sales Price Rs. 65
Packing Quantity 1


It is an effective homoeopathic remedy for Irritation, soreness, redness & discharge from eyes

  • All types of conjunctivitis esp, when it is at catarrhal stage producing profuse, acrid, excoriating, burning, muco-purulent discharge from eyes
  • Extreme redness & swelling of conjunctiva
  • Blepharitis
  • Obscuration of cornea
  • Intolerance to daylight & sunshine
  • Constant lachrymation
  • Agglutination of eye-lids & blinking of eyes
  • Gritty or foreign body sensation in eyes

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