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Diacardiac - Rs. 125

Diacardiac - Cardiac tonic to improve blood circulation; tones up heart muscles; increases the force of myocardial contraction; relieves breathlessness, anxiety, palpitation, sinking heart, oedema and tachycardia. Arrests the pace of atherosclerosis.

General Details:

Packaging Name Diacardiac
Composition Each 30 ml ContainsCactus grandiflorus 2X 3.0 mlCrataegus oxyacantha 2X 3.0 mlStrophanthus hispidus 4X 1.5 mlCamphor 2X 0.5 mlValeriana officinalis Q 2.0 mlAurum muriaticum natronatum 4X 0.02 mgExcipients q.s. to 30 mlAlcohol 40% v/v
Ideal For Heart Care
Package Size  
List Price 125
Sales Price 125
Packing Quantity 1


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