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S S Sarsaparilla

S S Sarsaparilla - It helps to maintain a healthy immune system. It enhances the body's defenses against attack. It is effective against various skin diseases. It improves septic condition of wounds, boils and ulcers. It cures constipation. It corrects indigestion. It protects the liver from damage.

General Details: 

Packaging Name S S Sarsaparilla
Composition COMPOSITION:Each 5 ml Contains:Azadirachta indica Q 0.01 ml.Kalmegh Q 0.31 ml.Berberis aquifolium Q 0.01 ml.Sarsaparilla Q 0.01 ml.In Syrup Base Q. S.Alcohol 8% v/v.
Ideal For Skin Care
Package Size 100 ml bottle
List Price 70
Sales Price 56
Packing Quantity 1


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