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Wartin - All types of warts / moles / excrescences / condylomata / corns of any size, shape, colour, contour, texture, etc. located anywhere on body with or without oozing of moisture or blood. Natural, Effective remedy for all forms of WARTS Unwinds the knots of the skin (warts) and heal the disease as a whole without any scars.

General Details: 

Packaging Name Wartin
Composition Each 10ml contains: Antimonium crudum 30 1.0mlCausticum 6 2.0mlDulcamara 4X 2.0mlNatrum sulphuricum 30 1.0mlNitricum acidum 3X 2.0mlStaphysagria 6X 1.0mlThuja occidentalis 2X 1.0mlAlcohol 60% v/v
Ideal For Skin Care
Package Size  
List Price 125
Sales Price 100
Packing Quantity 1


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